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Comfort system for unsurpassed sleep comfort
Q 10.11.2-1 265x185
Q 10.11.2-1 265x185
Q 10.11.2-1 265x185
Comfort Layer
Comfort layers are key in determining how a bed feels. A Sealy mattress is designed to have very little feel change over its life.
Pressure Relief Layer
Located just beneath the comfort layers, the Pressure Relief Layer fulfils two functions: conforms to the parts of the body that need pressure relief: shoulders and knees; disperses weight in the area that requires correct support: lower back and hips.
7xInlay with latex and visco-elastic conforms to the different parts of the body: head, shoulder, back, lumbar region, hips and legs so that to provide the targeted pressure dispersion and conformance.
Posture Channel
Maintaining your body’s proper alignment is absolutely crucial to a perfect night’s sleep. Our Posture Channel design enhances support and muscle relaxation in the lumber region and at the back of the legs, adding support where you need it most.

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