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The Best Sleeping Positions for Back Pain

Back pain is a very common ailment amongst people of all age groups. There can be many contributors to this. However, sleeping on the wrong mattress or in the wrong position can be one of the largest causes of back pain.

We all need good sleep at the end of the day. It is important for us to be well rested for the proper functioning of our body and minds.

Here are some times that could help you sleep better and avoid any kind of soreness or pain in the back.

Sleeping Position:

Finding the right position that is comfortable and can help us sleep well is not easy. Hence, we would like to share a few options with you so that it becomes easy to find your perfect sleeping position.

  • If you like to sleep on your side; try placing a pillow between your legs with the knees slightly drawn towards your chest.
  • If sleeping on your back suits you best; keep a pillow under your knees.
  • Sleeping on your stomach puts the maximum amount of strain on your back. So the next time you’re going to sleep on your stomach, keep a pillow under your stomach.

These are some of the positions you could try the next time. And we’re sure that if you suffer from back pain, you would be feeling much better the morning after.

Most importantly, along with knowing the right posture to sleep in, you must also choose the right mattress. This can be a tough decision to make. Because sleeping on a completely hard mattress could do you more harm than good. And we all know that sleeping on a soft mattress can be devastating to your back. Hence the task of choosing the right mattress can be very hard.

However, Sealy makes this decision fairly simple. Sealy’s Posturepedic technology is the perfect blend of firmness and softness. The technology is designed and engineered to provide optimum support to your back and core. It is firmer towards the centre to provide the best support and soft overall to make you feel extremely comfortable. Sealy’s has a wide range of products that you could choose from. Above all, every Sealy gallery has an expert to help you and guide you to find your perfect mattress.

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